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I am a person-centred/humanistic counsellor, although I draw on other approaches if this feels of benefit to you.  Person-centred counselling has an emphasis on getting to know you and building a professionally supportive relationship.  This approach gives you time, security, confidentiality and a non-judgmental space just for you.

This is a space for you to explore what has happened or is happening now.  You will be listened to with empathy and compassion, whilst you look at how you would like things to be.  I may offer some insights on patterns of behaviours, feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes I might suggest something creative (no worries if that is not your thing).  I will always be respectful and honest, whilst empowering you to discover your solutions.  We can discuss a variety of solutions as ultimately; they only work if you are comfortable with them.  After all you know your life and the relationships within it better than anyone else.  Although it may not feel this way when beginning counselling.

In this supportive environment you can learn and identify your values, boundaries and strengths.  This in turn facilitates growth in self-worth and confidence to live more of the life you feel is right for you.  If this feels like it could be helpful for you to find a way to move forward in life, contact me or book an introductory session.

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Things that happened when you were a child or teenager can affect how you are in relationships and how you see yourself.  You might find it difficult to express yourself, or to say how you feel.  You might find standing up for yourself or getting your voice heard difficult.  You may be trying to hide parts of you that you find shameful.


There can be long-lasting effects of childhood adversities, like feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious.  Maybe you feel unworthy of another person's love, or have a feeling of being punished, that nothing goes right.  It could be you feel confused or find it hard to trust some people whilst trusting others to much.

Sometimes it can feel like an internal battle, just to get through each day, as you feel disorganised, doubt yourself, and find decision making hard.

If you resonate with any of the above, contact me or book an introductory session.


Your family, friends, work, health, education, culture, your spirituality and community shape you and influence your life experiences.  Together all of these things create your uniqueness and unique life.  For this reason, you will be counselled as an individual.  You may want to cry, be creative, or express anger.  You may want a space to be reflective and have time to think things through. 

The space I hold is provided for you. It's you space to explore what is going on for you.  Whatever it is for you, it's ok!  It's a safe, secure space for you to explore what is going on for you.  I have no expectations of you or how you 'should be'.  Your struggles may feel large or small.  They may overwhelm you or they may feel they are trivial or unimportant.  None of this matters.  If it's bothering you, it matters, because you matter.

If you feel this could be supportive for you, contact me or book an introductory session.



I am a fully qualified (level 5) and insured counsellor, who is a member of the BACP. I work to the BACP ethical framework.  This involves having regular supervision and undertaking continual professional development, to ensure I am work to latest and best practice.


I work on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis.  I am fully trained in face-to-face, online and telephone counselling.  I enjoy work in all modes, and I am happy to do just one mode or to mix'n'match of any modes, if that suits your needs.


If you need to cancel or change a session time, 24 hours notice is required or the full fee will become payable.  If you fail to attend a session the full fee becomes payable.  Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.


On the day of a session, I will send an invoice to your email address.  This can be paid by card or bank transfer, directly from the invoice.  All online or telephone session need to be paid for before the session start time.  Face-to-face session can be paid as above or at the session by card.


There is free off-road parking which has good lighting.  There is also plenty of on-street parking.  The street is well lit and on a bus route.


We are served by the number 92 bus and the bus stop is a very short walk away in either direction.

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